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Yes, that's me in this 2000s-inspired picture. Are we not missing the dirty mirror behind, or even worse, the toilet seat? The angle is not quite flattering, but it has some charm, don't you think? Nah...?

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Julien Moermans, and my creative process started as a kidult (proudly still am) when I embarked on the high Everest mountain of fashion studies.
Basically, halfway through, I decided it wasn't worth potentially risking my life to reach the summit.

Behind Pinkjeez, there is Julien Moermans ! 



Too much corpse on the field, this should be a signal for anyone. Just sayin'.


I ended up in retail as a manager, and worked alongside on a ready-to-wear brand, and wooooosh—everything flew away before and after the sanitary crisis.
During a blank, suspended time in my life, where I spent most of my time scrolling on Instagram and chilling on Netflix, I discovered tufting!
Take that, people who think procrastinating is not helpful!


I also tried to paint rock in my courtyard like if it was the seven magic mountain from Ugo Rondinone in the fuckin' Nevada desert. Who said depression can't be hella fun ?


When I discover a new technique, I am usually not satisfied with the idea of using it as it is expected, such as for a rug. I see tufting as a way to create a fabric, a material that can be used in different ways and made with different fibers.

I genuinely decided to experiment with Augmented Reality on a rug, featuring the 'predicator god'—a fake god rug able to predict your future (a kind one, of course!).

And I fell in love with wool, an animal fiber with a tremendous range of benefits such as soundproofing and thermal insulation, to name just a small part of its incredible benefits.

Enough talking! Just check my work on social media and on this website!


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