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The Pink Chrome Rug is a wall-hanging rug inviting you to a psychedelic journey.
Feel absorbed by its intriging shape and vibrant colors.


Pink Chrome Rug

  • The Pink Chrome Rug is a chromatic rug with light and darker contrasted pink.  It is a wall-hanging rug with an artistic purpose*.

    - Made out of 100% new-zealand wool, tufted by hand.
    - *The Chrome mirror is a chromatic sheet.  
    You cannot see clearly yourself. 
    - 1 clip in the back in order to hang it.
    - The back is made with franco-belgian wool felt.
    Everything is made in our studio in Liège, Belgium.

    Did you know the wool is hypoallergenic, mold and moth resistant and help to fight humidity ? 
    Wool is also naturally purifyng ambient air. 


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